Welcome to Alu-ms

alu-ms is a contractor/ consultant of engineering, manufacturing, installation of architectural envelops ( curtain wall) and interior system.

alu-ms brings its know- how and expertise to all projects, particularly when dealing with special features building beginning with the design development phases all the way to the successful completion , achieving the customers satisfaction.

alu-ms also a facade consultant , providing services like value added design, system design, making fabrication drawing, estimation etc. alu-ms also provides ADMIXTURES and all kind of building materials.

Design & Engineering

alu-ms has unique capability to translate the most innovative architectural concepts in practical solutions, feasible in both technical and economical terms.

The fa├žade or exterior envelope of a building is the element that makes the internal space habitable, it acts as a filter allowing in beneficial elements of the external climate in whilst providing a barrier to those less desirable elements. It is often considered to be the highest risk of any project.




alu-ms is a primary supplier of various leading brand productsto a wide range of customers involved in a variety of construction projects.

We are dealer of world renowned Admixture brands, BASF and FOSROC..

We specialize in importing, exporting, wholesale and retail of wide range of best quality building materials at unbeatable prices tailored made to meet the customer's requirements.